Chess champion caught cheating on smartphone in bathroom

Chess Champion Caught Cheating on Smartphone In Bathroom
Chess Champion Caught Cheating on Smartphone In Bathroom

Things are getting rowdy in the chess world. Chess champion Gaioz Nigalidze was thrown out of a tournament and is facing a 15-year ban after being caught cheating on his smartphone in the bathroom.

He's the current Georgian champion, and he was kicked out of the Dubai Open Chess Tournament because he was using his phone to check moves in the middle of a match. His opponent complained because he was taking frequent trips to the bathroom.

When officials looked into it, they found that he was storing his phone in a stall -- discreetly covering it with toilet paper. The chess player denied it was his, but then officials found the phone was logged into a social network in his name, and a chess analysis program was open with his moves in it.

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