Camera catches woman taking package from Calif. home

Camera Catches Woman Taking Package From Calif. Home
Camera Catches Woman Taking Package From Calif. Home

Scared of something like this happening when you're away from home? A woman wearing the badge of a local utility company allegedly stole a package right from this California doorstep when she realized no one was around to stop her.

The owner of the home, Brea Tillery, got a hold of our partners at KERO in Bakersfield. She says the theft, which you can see on this home security camera, took place on Thursday.

The woman in the uniform rang the doorbell and waited over a minute, but Tillery says "right when she walks up, you can tell that she's eyeballing it." She even kicks the package, Tillery guesses, to see how heavy it was.

So what's in this package? Turns out it was a $30 manicure set.

Stealing a package is considered a federal offense. And Tillery adds the woman was also trespassing when she unlatched the gate to get to the doorstep.

"You just feel really angry at that very moment; you're like, 'Are you kidding me?'" Tillery told KERO.

There might be more to this story, though. KERO reached out to a spokesperson at Spark Energy who says the company is hoping to work with both police and the news station to identify the thief.

But she added: "I want to be very clear that the person in the video was fraudulently using Spark Energy attire and badges regardless of her identity." She went on to imply the woman in question could be a former employee who kept her uniform.

Amazon has refunded Tillery and shipped a new manicure set to her at a different address.

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