Boeing awarded patent for a forward-leaning sleep system

Boeing Awarded Patent For A Forward-Leaning Sleep System
Boeing Awarded Patent For A Forward-Leaning Sleep System

In the limited space available on planes, we all know it's not easy to sleep.

Boeing has recently been awarded a U.S. patent for an in-seat sleep system.

Officially named the "transport vehicle upright sleep support system," it would allow passengers to rest or sleep in a supported, forward-leaning position.

According to the patent filed in 2013, a special backpack would contain a head cushion with an opening for the face similar to those found on massage chairs and the ability to adjust angles through a hinge mechanism.

The bag itself, which would be kept under the seat, would also have a cushion integrated into it.

The idea is that passengers would put the bag on their laps, the cushioned backs placed against their chests, and they would attach straps from the bag over their shoulders to corresponding clips in the seats to secure it.

People could then lean forward with their heads and upper bodies completely supported to sleep.

It is unknown if Boeing has plans to actually manufacture this system.

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