10 Jack & Jack Vines that made us fall in love with them

Jack and Jack: The Internet's Biggest Celebrities You May Not Know
Vine superstars Jack & Jack are taking over AOL Build and they have many fun things planned for us.

Jack & Jack, made famous by Vine, are social media celebrities Jack Johnson and Jack Gilinsky. Originally from Omaha, Nebraska, the duo now lives and works out of Los Angeles, California. After their huge success as a duo on Vine, they began experimenting with music (another one of their passions) and released a single in 2014 called "Wild Life," which charted on the Billboard Hot 100.

They've even developed two mobile apps: "Let It Goat" and "Jack & Jack Vine Puzzle Games." Additionally, They teamed up with social media sensations Nash Grier, Cameron Dallas, and Shawn Mendes on tour -- which was produced into a full-length movie documentary. Work, boys!

Basically, they're taking over the social media world and they're only teenagers. Their vines are totally funny and we're honestly in love with them -- take a minute and scroll through their Vine account and you'll see why.

Here are 10 Jack & Jack Vines that made us fall in love with them:

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