Vacation in Westeros with 'Game of Thrones' tours

Vacation In Westeros With 'Game of Thrones' Tours
Vacation In Westeros With 'Game of Thrones' Tours

It might be April, but winter is coming! "Game of Thrones" premieres Sunday, April 12th on HBO at 9 p.m. EST. If you can't get enough of the Starks and Baratheons, pack your bags. "Game of Thrones" filming locations are the newest trend in travel.

Tours running out of Northern Ireland take you right to the heart of Winterfell and include stops at the exact spot where the Starks found the direwolf pups in season one. You'll also see the location of Robb Stark's camp.

You've heard all the fuss about Dornish wine, so why not vacation in Dorne? (It's actually Spain.) On an eight day tour of the country you can visit Sun Spear and Martell's palace. Dorne will feature heavily in season five so if you're not familiar with where in Westeros it is, you will be.

Beyond the Wall
If you're more of a Wildling, then Icelandair's package is for you. On this tour you can visit the location where the Night's Watch battled with White Walkers, as well as the cave where Ygritte finally let Jon Snow in the know about something.

King's Landing
Maybe you fancy yourself more of a Cersei or a Joffrey. (Hey, to each their own!) A three hour tour in Croatia will take you to the heart of King's Landing so you can look over the site of the bloody Battle of Blackwater.

Wherever you choose to go in the Seven Kingdoms, just make sure you watch your back ... those dragons are feisty.

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