#SoCalCorgiBeachDay: People come for the cute pets and stay for the limbo

Corgi Beach Day Is Real and It's Spectacular
Corgi Beach Day Is Real and It's Spectacular

Corgi beach day may be the best thing to ever happen.

Okay, okay, maybe not the best thing, but it's pretty darn amazing and we're thankful it exists. The event takes place each year at Huntington Beach in Southern California, where hundreds gather with their corgis decked out in swimsuits and summer gear.

This year, 634 corgis checked in to beach day. Yes, 634! Thats over 600 adorable, pudgy bodies all dolled up for the summer sun. If you thought it couldn't get any cuter than that: there is a costume contest and a limbo competition. That's right, soak in the cuteness.

The event started in 2012, with only 15 corgis in attendance. As we can all see, the event is back by popular demand and filled with tons of sun-loving corgis and their owners.

Check out the full gallery from #SoCalCorgiBeachDay below!

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