25 healthy ways to do pizza night

By Hello Natural

Weight Watchers' Tortilla Pizza Recipe
Weight Watchers' Tortilla Pizza Recipe

In our mission to give up on unhealthy foods and replace them with better alternatives, we faced a challenge: pizza. We simply cannot give it up. And how do you still eat pizza without loading up on carbs? The following recipes helped a lot, and we think you'll find them useful as well!

1. Mediterranean pizza with quinoa crust by Hello Natural. Quinoa crust is a healthy, gluten-free alternative that tastes amazing!

2. Socca with roasted beet hummus & spring salad by Cravings in Amsterdam. Socca is a delicious bread made with chickpea flower, which can serve as the beginning of a healthy pizza.

3. Perfect whole wheat pizza crust by Nap Time Creations. If you can't give up on the wheat flour, use whole! It's so much healthier and just as good.

4. Cauliflower pizza base by The Bant Wagon. Make a cauliflower-based pizza crust and get rid of the guild of eating more than one slice.

5. Tomato galette by Haaps & Barley. Made with whole wheat flour and topped with heirloom tomatoes, this vegetarian pizza is a dream come true!

6. Skinny Buffalo chicken spaghetti squash pizza by Shared Appetite. Squash is the base of this tasty pizza crust, while the toppings include chicken and mozzarella.

8. Sauteed pepper, goat cheese and basil pizza by A Sue Chef. A thin cauliflower crust and all the right toppings to make pizza night healthy.

9. Supreme power pesto pizza by The Movement Menu. With a crust that is grain, gluten and dairy free, this pizza can be enjoyed by everyone!

10. Cauliflower and pesto crust pizza by Vodka & Biscuits. Get your veggies input with this impressively tasty pizza made with cauliflower crust.

11. Olive, onion & thyme individual pizzas by Eating With Alice. The crust for these individual pizzas is made with sweet potatoes and quinoa. Brilliant!

12. Chicken BBQ pizza by The Tummy Train. The cauliflower crust is light, while the chicken topping is filling. Perfect combo!

13. Thin crust Mediterranean pizza by Slimsanity. The thin and crispy pizza crust is made with whole wheat flour, and the toppings are classic deliciousness.

14. Open face oven baked omelette pizza by Julie's Jazz. The crust for this pizza is mostly egg whites, which makes it low in calories and so light!

15. Mini cauliflower pizza by Green Evi. Soft cauliflower dough with nutty flavor, topped with pesto and whatever else you please!

16. Mini eggplant pizzas by Lemon & Mocha. The base of these tasty mini pizzas is eggplant! Sliced and baked to perfect consistency.

17. Vegetarian lavash pizza by Blue Ridge Babe. Lavash is made with brown rice flour and millet flour, and it's the perfect base for a healthy pizza.

18. Buffalo quinoa pizza bites by Simply Quinoa. These lovely snacks are made with quinoa, cashews, chia seeds, cheese and cauliflower, so they're really energizing!

19. Crustless skillet pizza by Great Food and Lifestyle. If you want, you can skip the crust altogether!

20. Cauliflower crust pizza by Creme de la Crumb. Easy, cheesy pizza made with a simple yet totally delicious cauliflower crust – it's healthy and tastes SO good!

21. Cheese mushroom and spinach cauliflower crust calzone by The Iron You. Just look at this calzone and tell me you don't want it.

22. Low carb pizza by The Primitive Palate. A crust made with cream cheese and egg, lightweight and oh so tasty.

23. Pumpkin pizza with zucchini and nuts by Green Evi. Slight sweetness from the pumpkin, the earthy tastes from the nuts, and the characteristic chickpea flour make this a special kind of pizza.

24. Vegetarian buckwheat pancake pizza by Just As Delish. Buckwheat tastes nutty and is high in protein, but it's also the beginning of a fabulous vegetarian pizza.

25. Lemon gremolata pizza with cauliflower crust by Oh My Veggies. An unusual pizza made with cauliflower crust and lemon topping.

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