Woman accused of marrying 10 men, divorcing none

Woman Accused Of Marrying 10 Men, Divorcing None
Woman Accused Of Marrying 10 Men, Divorcing None

A woman in New York is facing criminal charges for saying "I do" nine times too many.

Liana Barrientos first got married when she was 23-years-old. She's now 39 and police say she's been married nine other times since...without ever getting divorced.

According to state records, Barrientos married the gaggle of men throughout New York state between 1999 and 2002, sometimes just days apart. Prosecutors say it was all part of an immigration scam.

"Seven of the men used the marriage to file for legal resident status with immigration and we found out yesterday when some of them were denied they filed for divorce immediately and re-filed for immigration with other marriages."

According to the New York Times she made an engagement Facebook official in July of 2013.

Barrientos was released from jail Friday without bond and is being charged with filing false documents. She's due back in court next month and if convicted, faces up to four years in prison.​

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