Battle of the ages: 20 vs 30

20-Year-Olds Guess What Being 30 Is Like
20-Year-Olds Guess What Being 30 Is Like

It's a debate for the ages.

If you are 20-years-old, you can relate to this video. If you're 30-years-old, you can relate to this video. If you are 12, you probably can't relate to this video.

Thanks to Buzzfeed, they decided to gather a bunch of 20 and 30-year-olds and ask them what it would be like to be each other's age.

Comments from the 20-year-olds ranged from their fear of having a mid-life crisis, to claiming all 30-year-olds do is drink wine in their apartments and watch SVU. To be clear, drinking wine in your apartment is pure and utter bliss. Also, it doesn't have to be SVU; "Orange is the New Black" is coming back soon.

The 30-year-olds switched to defensive mode and said there is a quarter-life crisis, and it's directly after college. Buckle up, 20-year-olds. Many of us have been there and t's rocky. Wear a helmet and you will be just fine.

However, if there is one thing both age groups can agree on, it's the importance of an awesome snack. Take a peak through the gallery below to see their beauty.

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