What happens when you tell a stranger you're trans?

What Happens When You Tell a Stranger You're Trans?

Rocco, a trans man, hit the streets of LA to ask people: "Do you think that you'd be able to tell if someone was transgender?" What he found out is that it depends on the stranger. But also, that none of the people he asked knew he, himself, was transgender.

Here are their responses:

"I feel like I have good.....trans radar?"

"I dunno, this is Hollywood! It's like the land of smoke and mirrors."

"I can't really tell until they start talking."

And then Rocco revealed he was a trans man.

Here were their reactions:

"You look male though!!! They did a good job on you, bro!"

"Really? I can't tell."


It really DOES depend on the stranger!

Watch what being a transgender woman in NYC is like:

What Being a Transgender Woman in NYC Is Like

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