Two girls freak out on slingshot ride

Two Girls Freak Out on Slingshot Ride
Two young girls rode the Slingshot & Vomatron at Indy Speedway, but as they settled into the seats, their nerves got the better of them. The girls muttered some prayers which, after their ride is flung upward into the sky, became shrill screams of utter terror. What the girls screamed is the best part! The video already has upwards of 97,000 views on YouTube.

This is seriously hilarious:

"I love you -- you were always my favorite momma!"

*sounds of silence*

"God have mercy! HELP ME!!!!!!" "I love you mommy -- you're my best mommy!"

*untranslatable yelping*

"Get me off of this thing! If I die, tell my momma I love her."

Let's get these girls on carnival rides more often.

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