Top University in Mexico launches controversial 'grind your book' campaign


Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mexico is hoping to reach 'la juventud' and improve the country's literacy rate in a new campaign called "perrea un libro," or "grind a book," Fusion reports.

Via Fusion

Mexico has a big illiteracy problem and the social campaign is based on the idea that Mexican youngsters don't like to read but they do like to dance. The university teamed up with Panamanian singer "Baby Killa" to instill some coolness into reading and to show the country's youth that books can be fun when you read them in a cumbia and reggaeton mash-up style known as "cumbiaton."

The campaign has received mixed responses on Twitter, but seems negative overall:

"UNAM's Institute of Philological Investigations launched the campaign #PerreaUnLibro. Hey, UNAM, stop being ridiculous." - Chumel Torres

"Who at UNAM approved #PerreaUnLibro? Twerking degrades women, violates them, and makes them an object." - Lino

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