The fluffy goodness of #InternationalPillowFightDay

Pillow Fight in Slow Motion Is Beautifully Epic
Pillow Fight in Slow Motion Is Beautifully Epic

If you haven't heard of the worldwide phenomenon known as International Pillow Fight Day, prepare to be amazed. One genius individual captured his view of the madness and turned it into a slow-motion art piece (above). We have to admit, it's pretty beautiful.

The concept of International Pillow Fight Day? Hundreds of people meet in parks around the world to revisit their childhood memories and smack each other around with pillows. It's awesome.

So gather your best pals and start practicing your pillow fighting skills (skillz) for next year's epic battle. Scroll through snaps of this year's festivities to get in the training mindset below.

Some aggressive pillow fighting went down outside the Washington Monument, making our founding fathers proud.

Folks across the pond take this day very, very seriously.

Amsterdam joined in on the international celebration of feathery madness.

International Pillow Fight Day Amsterdam #internationalpillowfightday

A photo posted by Jo Jeffrey (@joojeffrey) on Apr 6, 2015 at 9:44am PDT

Last but not least, it's not a party if New York isn't invited. Washington Square Park was the place to be on #InternationalPillowFightDay!

Check out these amazing Amsterdam pictures for those of you who are considering an international vacation (perhaps for International Pillow Day 2016):

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