The 6 best Instagram accounts dedicated to dogs

Hollywood's Hottest Celebrity Dog Dads

If you are like us, you love dogs. They are both a man and woman's best friend, truly. Regardless of how bad the day has been, your pup will be there to cheer you up. They are there for you when you are in a bad mood, or when your alarm doesn't go off and you're late for work. They are helpful and lovable little creatures.

We love to help, so we have complied a list of the best dogs to follow on Instagram. Yes. Instagram. Let's face it, just procrastinate sending that email or finishing up that report and scroll through these awesome accounts. Elevate your day to the next level of cuteness.

The Dogist
'The Dogist' Instagram account is essentially 'Humans of New York' for dogs. The pictures are adorable and you immediately want to find the dogs and hug them.

Huck and Gus
These two brothers are the best brother duo around (sorry Chris and Liam Hemsworth). Definitely worth the follow.

Who Wore It Best? #springfashion

A photo posted by Huck + Gus (@huckandgus) on

Cosmo the dog
I mean who doesn't love a golden retriever? Cosmo the dog will definitely get you distracted from your work, and it's okay, because look at him!

Look what I found

A photo posted by cosmothedog (@cosmothedog) on

This little ball of fluff is more famous than some celebrities on Instagram, and we can see why.


A photo posted by jiff (@jiffpom) on

Dogs of Instagram
The title is pretty blatant and filled with all kinds of dogs. WHAT COULD BE BETTER?

"Can I has Cheetos?" writes @thefugee #PetsDoingPeopleThings #dogsofinstagram #dogs #dog

A photo posted by Dogs of Instagram (@dogsofinstagram) on

Toast Meets World
Toast is as adorable as her name. Take a scroll through the first few on her Instagram and you will quickly fall in love.

We hope these pictures of dogs have inspired you to go out and hug your dog at home, or even better, go out and adopt!

Enjoy even more in the slideshow below. Who needs to work, really?

Wacky Dogs on Instagram
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The 6 best Instagram accounts dedicated to dogs
Instagram: Ayasakai
Instagram: Ayasakai
Instagram: Ayasakai
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Instagram: tunameltsmyheart
Instagram: digbyvanwinkle
Instagram: digbyvanwinkle
Instagram: andrewknapp
Instagram: andrewknapp
Instagram: Yogurt_thepirate
Instagram: flapi
Instagram: thiswildidea
Instagram: thiswildidea
Instagram: cosmothedog
Instagram: chompersthecorgi
Instagram: pootlepug
Instagram: biggie_griffon
Instagram: biggie_griffon
Instagram: mensweardog
Instagram: mensweardog
Instagram: manny_the_frenchie
Instagram: corgnelius
Instagram: johnstortz
Instagram: trotterpup
Instagram: trotterpup
Instagram: lucyfarted
Instagram: harlowandsage
Instagram: harlowandsage
Instagram: harlowandsage
Instagram: kodathepuggle
Instagram: lifewithleroy
Instagram: lifewithleroy

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