Steelers' Troy Polamalu is retiring

Kaboly: Polamalu's Steeler Legacy
Kaboly: Polamalu's Steeler Legacy

An end of an era in Pittsburgh. Troy Polamalu is retiring and will leave the Pittsburgh Steelers with a void in their secondary that few will be able to fill. His 12 years rocking the number 43 at strong safety will be greatly missed by the organization and fans alike.

Polamalu was truly one of the best to play the game. Famous for his iconic hair that flowed out of the back of his helmet like a horse's mane, there was no one who could make tackles or bat down balls like Polamalu could.

He totaled 32 interceptions and over 500 tackles in his career with Pittsburgh. He helped lead a Pittsburgh defense that dominated in the 2000s, winning two Super Bowls in 2006 and 2009. Polamalu wasn't as outspoken as say Richard Sherman but still dominated the game all the same. He proved that you don't need to play the game of football angry to be successful and did so for 12 years in the NFL.

Of course the next question for Polamalu will be whether or not he will be joining other Steelers like Jerome Bettis in the Hall of Fame in years to come. He isn't eligible for five years, but I'm sure once the ballots are in and the voting has concluded, Polamalu will find his place next to the all-time greats. He did win an NFL defensive MVP in 2010 when he was well past his prime and the Steelers defense dominated for over a decade largely because of Polamalu's effort.

It is sad to see him go. Polamalu has provided plenty of good years for not just Steelers' fans, but football fans as well. But there is only so much a body can take in the NFL. Especially with the physical play style that Polamalu possessed. One of the best at his position during his time in the NFL. Not to mention being a class act on and off the field.

Here are some highlights from his career, with some pretty awful music to go along with them:

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