Red carpet rewind: MTV Movie Awards 1995

Remember when TLC was the hottest musical trio and Jim Carrey and his 'Dumb and Dumber' co-star Lauren Holly were an item?

The 2015 MTV Movie Awards will air this Sunday, April 12, and in honor of the big event, we decided it might be nice to take a trip down pop culture memory lane.

Take a look back at the MTV Movie Awards 20 years ago! While many of the same celebs that were gracing the carpet back then are still red carpet staples now, things have definitely changed -- starting with the fashion. Gone are the days of sports bras, dark lipstick, super-tight minis and platform shoes for the gals, and over-sized blazers for the boys.

And the fashion isn't the only thing we're talk about, either! Celeb relationship's are definitely not what they were in yesteryear. Back then many former couples that were a hot item would not be caught in the same room today.

Check out all the throwbacks.