First-generation college students unite

Ivy League Trailblazers
Ivy League Trailblazers

Let's all take a second to try and remember what it was like to be a junior in high school. Ignore the bad acne and unfortunate haircuts and envision what it was like to apply to college.

The process was a tough one. Many of us had the fortunate opportunity to go to our parents or family members for guidance, asking them what major to choose or where to even attend college. But then there were just as many who didn't have anyone to turn to, and were left to figure it out all on their own.

The New York Times created an eye-opening short video about what it was like for first generation Ivy League students. The video also touches on a conference, hosted by Brown, for all of the first-generation students. The amazing opportunity allows other first-gen students to connect with each other, thanks to networking group, 1vyG.

The students' responses were as real as it gets, meet them below:

Stanley Stewart, Class of 2016, Brown University

Destin Sisemore, Class of 2015, Brown University

Travis Reginal, Class of 2016, Yale University

Mandeep Singh, Class of 2015, Columbia University

Liliana Sampedro, Class of 2018, Brown University

Jennifer Telschow, Class of 2014, Stanford University

Anamaaria Meneses Leon, Class of 2016, Brown University

"Inspirational" doesn't seem like a great enough word to describe the incredible journey of these students. Thankfully, the Times was able to capture a story that is often overlooked in this country.

Take a tour through of some of our nation's most beautiful campuses, below:

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