First-generation college students unite

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Ivy League Trailblazers

Let's all take a second to try and remember what it was like to be a junior in high school. Ignore the bad acne and unfortunate haircuts and envision what it was like to apply to college.

The process was a tough one. Many of us had the fortunate opportunity to go to our parents or family members for guidance, asking them what major to choose or where to even attend college. But then there were just as many who didn't have anyone to turn to, and were left to figure it out all on their own.

The New York Times created an eye-opening short video about what it was like for first generation Ivy League students. The video also touches on a conference, hosted by Brown, for all of the first-generation students. The amazing opportunity allows other first-gen students to connect with each other, thanks to networking group, 1vyG.

The students' responses were as real as it gets, meet them below:

Stanley Stewart, Class of 2016, Brown University

Destin Sisemore, Class of 2015, Brown University

Travis Reginal, Class of 2016, Yale University

Mandeep Singh, Class of 2015, Columbia University

Liliana Sampedro, Class of 2018, Brown University

Jennifer Telschow, Class of 2014, Stanford University

Anamaaria Meneses Leon, Class of 2016, Brown University

"Inspirational" doesn't seem like a great enough word to describe the incredible journey of these students. Thankfully, the Times was able to capture a story that is often overlooked in this country.

Take a tour through of some of our nation's most beautiful campuses, below:

The 100 Smartest Colleges in America
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First-generation college students unite

100.    University of Massachusetts-Lowell

Average SAT: 1130

99. Appalachian State University

Average SAT:1135

95. Georgia College & State University

Average SAT:1140

95. University of Houston

Average SAT: 1140

95. New Jersey Institute of Technology

Average SAT:1140

95. University of California-Santa Cruz

Average SAT:1140

84. James Madison University

Average SAT:1145

84. University of Louisville

Average SAT:1145

84. University of Alabama-Birmingham

Average SAT:1145

84. Oklahoma State University

Average SAT:1145

84. University of Kentucky

Average SAT:1145

84. University of Cincinnati

Average SAT:1145

84. Arizona State University

Average SAT: 1145

84. University of Kansas

Average SAT:1145

84. Iowa State University

Average SAT:1145

84. University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Average SAT:1145

81. Virginia Military Institute

Average SAT:1150

81.Florida International University

Average SAT:1150

81. George Mason University

Average SAT:1150

78. University of North Florida

Average SAT:1155

78. Salisbury University

Average SAT:1155

78. SUNY Buffalo

Average SAT: 1155

76. Christopher Newport University

Average SAT:1160

76. College of Charleston

Average SAT: 1160

69. University of Minnesota-Morris

Average SAT: 1165

69. University of Arkansas

Average SAT: 1165

69. LSU

Average SAT: 1165

69. University of Missouri

Average SAT: 1165

69. Michigan State University

Average SAT: 1165

69. University of Iowa

Average SAT: 1165

69. UC Irvine

Average SAT: 1165

66. Hunter College

Average SAT: 1170

66. University of South Florida

Average SAT:1170

66. SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry

Average SAT: 1170


64. Indiana University

Average SAT: 1175


64. Pennsylvania State University

Average SAT: 1175


62. University of Central Florida

Average SAT: 1180


62. Texas A&M

Average SAT: 1180


57. New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology

Average SAT:1185

Accretion Disc/Flickr

57. University of Oklahoma

Average SAT:1185

Billy A/Flickr

57. University of Alabama

Average SAT: 1185

Replay Photos via Getty Images

57. University of Vermont

Average SAT: 1185


55. University of North Carolina Wilmington

Average SAT: 1190


55. St. Mary's College of Maryland

Average SAT: 1190

Elvert Barnes/Flickr

53. University of North Carolina - Asheville

Average SAT: 1195

© Mindy Fawver / Alamy

53. University of Delaware

Average SAT: 1195

© ArtPix / Alamy

52. Purdue University

Average SAT: 1200

© David R. Frazier Photolibrary, Inc. / Alamy

48. Michigan Technological University

Average SAT: 1205

© John Baker / Alamy

48. University of South Carolina

Average SAT: 1205

© Bob Pardue - Southeast / Alamy

48. The University of Tennessee

Average SAT: 1205

© Don Smetzer / Alamy

48. University of Colorado at Boulder

Average SAT: 1205

© Stephen Finn / Alamy

44. University of Maryland at Baltimore County

Average SAT: 1210

© Vespasian / Alamy

44. University of Massachusetts - Amherst

Average SAT: 1210

© Mira / Alamy

44. Rutgers - The State University of New Jersey

Average SAT: 1210

© James Nesterwitz / Alamy

44. University of California - Davis

Average SAT: 1210

© Aerial Archives / Alamy

43. University of San Diego

Average SAT: 1215

© David L. Moore - CA / Alamy

42. Virgainia Tech

Average SAT: 1220

© Mindy Fawver / Alamy

39. California Polytechnic State

Average SAT:1225

Bloomberg via Getty Images

39;. Auburn University

Average SAT: 1225

Robert S. Donovan/Flickr

39. Florida State University

Average SAT: 1225


36. CUNY Baruch College

Average SAT: 1230

© Yvonne Duffe / Alamy

36. University of Connecticut

Average SAT: 1235

© ZealPhotography / Alamy

36. University of Washington

Average SAT:1230


34. The College of New Jersey

Average SAT: 1235


34. North Carolina State

Average SAT: 1235


33. University of Georgia

Average SAT: 1240


30. Miami University of Ohio

Average SAT: 1245

Billy V/Flickr

30. Clemson University

Average SAT: 1245

© Nandakumar Sankaran/Crooked Trunk / Alamy

28. SUNY Stony Brook

Average SAT: 1250

© Philip Scalia / Alamy

28. University of California - Santa Barbara

Average SAT: 1250

© Robert Clay / Alamy

26. University of Texas - Dallas

Average SAT: 1260

Stereometric Photography/Flickr

26. University of Texas at Austin

Average SAT: 1260

© Inge Johnsson / Alamy

22. Missouri Institute of Science and Technology

Average SAT: 1265


22. University of Minnesota

Average SAT: 1265

© Nenad Tomic / Alamy

22. University of Florida

Average SAT: 1265

© Patrick Lynch / Alamy

22. University of Wisconsin

Average SAT: 1265

© Noah Willman / Alamy

21. U.S. Merchant Marine Academy

Average SAT: 1267

© Philip Scalia / Alamy

20. SUNY Geneseo

Average SAT: 1269

© Philip Scalia / Alamy

19. University of Pittsburgh

Average SAT: 1270

© Vespasian / Alamy

18. U.S. Coast Guard Academy

Average SAT: 1275

© Pmil collection / Alamy

17. U.S. Naval Academy

Average SAT: 1280

© Mira / Alamy

14. The New College of Florida

Average SAT: 1285

© Richard Ellis / Alamy

14. University of Illinois - Champaign

Average SAT: 1285

© David R. Frazier Photolibrary, Inc. / Alamy

13. University of California San Diego

Average SAT: 1290

© Ian Dagnall / Alamy

12. State University of New York at Binghamton

Average SAT: 1294

© CNY Collection / Alamy

11. Ohio State University

Average SAT: 1300

© Images-USA / Alamy

10. University of North Carolina

Average SAT: 1305

© Ian G Dagnall / Alamy

9. University of Maryland

Average SAT: 1310

© Mira / Alamy


Average SAT: 1320

© nik wheeler / Alamy

6.  Colorado School of Mines

Average SAT: 1340

© Charles Knowles / Alamy

6. University of Michigan

Average SAT: 1340

© tom carter / Alamy

5. University of Virginia

Average SAT: 1355

© Philip Scalia / Alamy

4. U.S. Air Force Academy

Average SAT: 1360

© Ian G Dagnall / Alamy

3. College of William and Mary

Average SAT: 1365

© M. Timothy O'Keefe / Alamy

2. UC Berkeley

Average SAT: 1375

© Stephen Bay / Alamy

1. Georgia Institute of Technology

Average SAT: 1385

© Marshall Ikonography / Alamy


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