'Connected' Episode 5: "I was drugged the day of my wedding"

Target  Connected S1:E2 Scenes
Target Connected S1:E2 Scenes

In the new AOL Originals docu-series, Connected, six New Yorkers film themselves for six months in a new twist on the unscripted format. Divorce is the undercurrent propelling the stories in episode five, with the most surprising one coming from cast member Rosie Noesi. Eighteen minutes into the video, the radio and television personality drops a bombshell about the failed marriage she's alluded to in past episodes.

After giving advice to her little sister, who is not sure if she should continue an unhappy relationship, Noesi relates the conversation to her own experiences.

"The day of my wedding, I cried the whole entire morning. And I had no idea why," she recalls. "All of a sudden my mom comes with water. She's like 'just drink this.' And I'm like, all right. So I drank it, I felt a little better. I continued with the day."

Noesi continues, "Two weeks later my sisters were chatting, and all of a sudden I'm like, 'Can you believe I was crying so much? I don't know why I was crying so much. It was so strange.' And then my sister's like, 'Thank God mommy gave you that sedative.'"

Noesi learned that her mother put a sedative in her water to help calm her down. "The sedative?" she says. "I was drugged the day of my wedding."

Despite getting through her wedding day, the anxieties she felt didn't disappear post-honeymoon. Noesi and her then-husband eventually divorced.

"The way I was raised was very religious and Catholic," she says. "And instead of being there, my parents were like, 'Oh well, this is the husband you chose, so fix it. Even if you wanted to get out of that marriage because, you know, it wasn't correct or right for you.' I just stayed for other people, not for myself. I just want my sister not to make the same mistakes I did."

Also featured in the episode are cast members Jonathan Bricklin, who awkwardly bumps into his girlfriend while walking to his divorce signing with his soon to be ex-wife, and Lori Levine, who struggles to find her role in her divorced fiancé's family.

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