Is this cat photo the Internet's next #TheDress?

Is This Cat Photo The Internet's Next #TheDress?
Is This Cat Photo The Internet's Next #TheDress?

Take a look at this cat going up some stairs. Or ... is it going down the stairs? No, it's up. Definitely up. Well, maybe. The folks on the "Today" show couldn't really decide, either.

It's the dress debate all over again! Well, kind of -- this illusion hasn't exactly blown up as much as the blue-black debate did.

The photo was posted over on 9Gag and, from the looks of it, has garnered at least 44,000 views and over 3,000 comments since it was uploaded on March 29.

Compare that to the massive 36 million views Buzzfeed nabbed on its dress article and, well, it may not be as impressive.

Of course, this is the Internet, and viral images aren't necessarily contained to one site. Up-Down Cat has generated decent buzz over on image-sharing site Imgur with more than 18,000 views.

Back to the illusion. This ethereal cat is either going up or down these stairs, but which one is it?

Well, some say the lips on the stairs and their shadows signify a cat that's going down a staircase toward the viewer. Others look at the light behind the cat and say that's evidence the cat is going up the staircase, from a lighter area to a darker area.

Let us know what you see in the comments!

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