Around the world: 5 countries and what they eat

What the World Eats a Day
What the World Eats a Day

I think we can all agree that food is fun. Period.

Buzzfeed has thus created another informational video that breaks down the food consumption of the world. Thanks, Buzzfeed.

The video breaks down a variety of countries and the world as a whole, and goes into detail as what they are each consuming. It is a bit of an eye opener, and may or may not change your daily intake. Probably not, but maybe.

Below you can find the breakdown of each area:

The World

United States




United Kingdom

The takeaway? We eat the most grams out of all countries listed. Good job, United States.

Odds are, you aren't that hungry right now, but we can change that. We put together a little slideshow of Instagram food posts to get your appetite going. I mean, who doesn't love a good food Instagram. Right? Right.

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