Remember when J.Lo wore that dress? It inspired Google Image Search

Jennifer Lopez, aka Jenny from the block, aka J.Lo, has gone by a lot of different names throughout her career. She's also done a lot of different things. She's a singer, actor, American Idol judge, and now, is credited as the muse behind one of Google's greatest innovations.

According to Google's executive chairman, Eric Schmidt, Jennifer Lopez is responsible for the creation of Google Images.


When Google was launched, people were amazed that they were able to find out about almost anything by typing just a few words into a computer. The engineering behind it was technically complicated, but what you got was pretty rough: a page of text, broken up by ten blue links. It was better than anything else, but not great by today's standards.

So our co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin – like all other successful inventors – kept iterating. They started with images. After all, people wanted more than just text. This first became apparent after the 2000 Grammy Awards, where Jennifer Lopez wore a green dress that, well, caught the world's attention. At the time, it was the most popular search query we had ever seen. But we had no surefire way of getting users exactly what they wanted: J­Lo wearing that dress. Google Image Search was born.​

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