Play Games at Chili's Restaurants on Ziosk

I was in Chili's yesterday in Waikele, Hawaii eating lunch when I finally took the time to look at the Ziosk on the table. Usually I largely ignore it as I am there for the food and time with friends and family. However, this time I was flying solo so I checked it out. I quickly noticed they offered games you can play. I also noticed that a few games such as Plants Vs. Zombies and Bejeweled 2 are the same found on our site of course. I thought this would be great to keep the kids occupied...but then I noticed there was a nominal fee involved.

So the question was, should I simply log on to on my phone and let the kids play there for free or should I pay the small fee and let the kids play on the Ziosk? I gave it a shot and I know the kids would love it, but more often then not, I am going to hand the kids the phone with up.

What do you favor and is it worth it?

Find out more about Ziosk at Chili's restaurants here!
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