Missouri town re-elects dead mayor

Missouri Town Re-Elects Dead Mayor
Missouri Town Re-Elects Dead Mayor

Even though the residents of Hillsboro, Missouri, re-elected their mayor Tuesday, they'll still have to find another one.

Mayor Frank Roland Jr. died March 9 in his home after battling heart problems and being placed in hospice care.

Roland's death came after his name was placed on the ballot, and it was too late for his name to be removed before voters went to the polls.

He was the only candidate on the ballot, although interim mayor, Ward 2 Alderman James Gowan, applied to be a write-in candidate shortly after Roland's death.

According to the official results, Roland won with 87 votes compared to 81 write-in votes.

Now, city officials knew this was a possibility. A County Clerk told the Jefferson County Leader before the election "some voters may not know that Frank Roland has died."

The city will now decide if Gowan will continue as interim mayor until next April when a new election can take place.

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