'Game of Thrones' inspires surge in babies named Khaleesi

'Game of Thrones' Inspires Surge In Babies Named Khaleesi
'Game of Thrones' Inspires Surge In Babies Named Khaleesi


If you've never watched the hit television show "Game of Thrones," you've probably never known anyone named "Khaleesi," but that may change in the coming years.

The show hasn't just made its actors famous and its TV rating stellar, it also has led the name "Khaleesi," a title one of the central figures goes by, to skyrocket in popularity.

In 2013 in Florida, 641 baby girls were given the unconventional name that actress Emilia Clarke goes by in the series. In the previous ten years there were no girls born in the United States who were given the name.

Check out the most popular names given to baby girls in the U.S. in 2013 in the gallery below:

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In 2013 another 67 families chose to name their daughters "Daenerys" -- another made up name from the "Game of Thrones" series' author George R.R. Martin that is actually Clarke's character's real name. In the U.S. the name Daenerys was nonexistent before 2011.

But baby girls aren't the only ones being named after characters from the immensely popular show. "Theon," had once been a fairly common name but had fallen to an all-time low in the mid 2000s, and then spiked again when the character Theon Greyjoy appeared on "Game of Thrones."

Check out some of the other names have become popular as a result of the show:

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Newborns Named Daenerys MooseRoots

Newborns Named Arya MooseRoots

Newborns Named Tyrion MooseRoots

Newborns Named Theon MooseRoots