'Game of Thrones' inspires baby names

These Game of Thrones Season 5 Previews Will Make Your Day
These Game of Thrones Season 5 Previews Will Make Your Day

Within the last 4 years, "Game of Thrones" has become a tremendous force on television, increasingly drawing in millions of viewers throughout the series' progression.

The HBO drama series has grown a massive audience that fuels an incredible hype for season premieres and episodes that air live, exclusively on HBO Now and HBO Go -- both of which are digital streaming services.

In addition, the series has built a fan following that amasses at huge pop culture events like Comic Con. The fan following has become so incredibly attached to the storyline and the characters of the show. In fact, the wide-spread impact of the show has resulted in an increase in new baby names inspired by the character names and it's astounding!

Expectant parents, take notes.

Check out the "Game of Thrones' inspired names that have increased the most:

Newborns Named Khaleesi MooseRoots

Newborns Named Daenerys MooseRoots

Newborns Named Arya MooseRoots

Newborns Named Tyrion MooseRoots

Newborns Named Theon MooseRoots

Click through these photos of real life places from "Game of Thrones":

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