Dash cam shows state trooper mishandle a traffic stop, resulting in her being fired

Video Shows Trooper Allegedly Giving Drunk Officer a Break
Video Shows Trooper Allegedly Giving Drunk Officer a Break

LORAIN – Ohio State Highway trooper Tammy Soto has been fired after mishandling a traffic stop involving a police officer she knew, according to Fox8.

Soto was responding to a call of a driver going the wrong way, when she recognized the driver as Lorain officer William Lachner.

An investigation showed that Soto took control shortly after arriving on scene, telling Lachner to get into the back of her car.

She then told Lachner to keep his mouth shut before turning off her microphone and proceeded to move his truck to the opposite side of the road, making it face the correct direction.

The Highway Patrol investigation found that Trooper Soto later falsified Officer Lachner's OVI citation in an effort to land him in a more lenient court.

Lachner will keep his job after serving a two-day suspension.

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