Boy apologizes to 'barf cleaners' at bookstore

Sick Boy Apologizes to 'Barf Cleaners' at Bookstore
Sick Boy Apologizes to 'Barf Cleaners' at Bookstore

By Mara Montalbano

When a letter comes in the mail to the attention of "barf cleaners" you know it's worth opening. That's exactly what the employees at a Portland bookstore got in the mail from a sick customer with a guilty conscience.

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A letter came to Powell's Books after the unfortunate incident. Inside, there was a gift card for Ben & Jerry's ice cream with a note that read:

"This Ben & Jerry's card is for the people who cleaned up the throw up of a kid on Friday the 28th. I don't know their names, but I thank them a lot and I'm sorry again for throwing up... and hope you enjoy your ice cream."

We hope they enjoy it more than that kid enjoyed whatever he ate that day. It was signed, 'From Jack AKA the kid who puked right next to the bathroom,' in case they were still confused at this point.

A store employee posted the letter to Reddit and it restored people's faith in our youth.

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