Thousands of goldfish threaten Colorado lake

Thousands Of Goldfish Threaten Colorado Lake

Thousands of goldfish are invading a Colorado Lake, threatening the health of native animals and plants.

Rangers first noticed the estimated three to four thousand exotic fish swimming in Boulder's Teller Lake #5 in March.

The entire population is thought to have originated from four or five pet goldfish. It's estimated that 2 years have passed since they were tossed into the lake.

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Thousands of goldfish threaten Colorado lake
Pet goldfish dumped in Colorado lake have multiplied into thousands:
Pet goldfish discarded in US lake have multiplied to 3,000+, threatening lake's ecosystem:
.@COParksWildlife is trying to decide what to do about a #Boulder lake overrun by goldfish.
Pet goldfish dumped in U.S. lake multiply by THOUSANDS
Disposal of unwanted family pets may have led to an invasion of goldfish at a Colorado lake
Too many fish in the sea! How 3,000-plus goldfish are threatening a Colorado lake's ecosystem:

Due to the danger these non-native fish pose to the aquatic ecosystem, Colorado Parks and Wildlife is considering removing them completely by draining the lake or by using electroshocking to stun them, allowing for easier capture.

The fish collected will then likely be used to feed animals at a raptor rehabilitation center.

Officials continue to warn people against dumping unwanted pets into public waters which is a harmful and illegal action.

Boulder Pond Reeling from Goldfish Invasion

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