New Dove 'Choose Beautiful' video will challenge you to rethink how you view yourself

Dove's 'Choose Beautiful' Campaign Is Its Most Inspiring Yet
Dove's 'Choose Beautiful' Campaign Is Its Most Inspiring Yet

"It was my choice. And now I will question myself for the next few weeks, maybe months."Dove's latest campaign challenged women to choose between one of two doors labeled "Average" and "Beautiful."

Dove is known for making inspirational ads that confront women's body image issues and this latest video is no different.

Camera's followed women in Shanghai, San Francisco, London, Sao Paulo and Delhi as they entered through their chosen door and then they were asked to explain their thought process.

Most women chose to walk through the "Average" door and had regrets.

"I didn't even hesitate."

"Am I choosing because of what's constantly bombarded at me, what I'm told, that I should accept? Or am I choosing because that's what I really believe?"

"I walked in through the door that said 'Average' and I didn't feel really good after that."

But the few women who walked through the door labeled "Beautiful" described the experience much different.

"It was quite a triumphant feeling. It was like telling the world, 'I think I'm beautiful.'

The reaction from viewers was overwhelmingly positive.

Katie Warwick said she was "crying at Dove's #ChooseBeautiful campaign. always such a strong message, and so many truly beautiful women in that video."

One commenter said, "This ad is great, especially because it highlights how OTHER WOMEN can influence their friends and family regarding how they perceive themselves...It's a great lesson in reminding people, especially other women, to remind their female friends and family how beautiful you think they are inside and out. :) "

Natalie Heslop said, "What a great campaign ~ Life is too short for #modesty, be grateful and appreciate with #respect & #glory."

As part of the campaign, Dove interviewed 6,400 women between the ages of 18 and 64 in 20 countries around the world about how they perceive beauty in themselves and other women. Ninety-six percent of women said they don't see themselves as beautiful, but 80 percent believed every woman has something beautiful about her.

We loved this campaign but don't think you need a door to tell you you're slammin'! Remember that you're beautiful because YOU say you are.

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