Hillary Clinton reportedly hires Google executive

Hillary Clinton Hires Google Exec
Hillary Clinton Hires Google Exec

Hillary Clinton has yet to announce a presidential campaign but all signs point to a White House run.According to The Washington Post, the former secretary of state just hired a longtime Google executive to oversee the tech side of her likely presidential campaign.

Stephanie Hannon, who is the director of product management, civic innovation and social impact at the Google, will become Hillary's chief technology officer.

Unnamed Democrats let the Post in on that little secret and adding Hannon will "oversee a team of engineers and developers, which could include outside consultants, to devise Web sites, apps and other tools for the former secretary of state and her staff to engage with supporters and voters."

Tech-savvy candidates have been known to have a leg up on their competition.

John F. Kennedy might never have become president if it weren't for the nation's first televised debate with Richard Nixon.

Ronald Reagan communicated with voters via direct mail marketing -- and In 1992, Bill Clinton took advantage of cable TV, strategically picking zip codes with cheaper ad buys to get more air time.

President Barack Obama enjoyed an overwhelming support from the whippersnappers of what's commonly called the "Facebook Generation."

Hillary is expected to launch her campaign for president in the next two weeks. People close to her tell the Associated Press she will initially focus on small gatherings rather than big rallies.

Take a peek at Hillary Clinton through the years:

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