Five NFL teams set for a fall in 2015


A while back we talked about struggling NFL teams who looked like they might be poised for a turnaround and whether we thought it would pan out for them.

This time out, we're looking at some successful teams we think could be about to suffer a collapse. As quick as some teams can turn things around, other teams can fall apart. Quite often, for example, we have seen teams lose a Super Bowl and then fail to go deep into or even make the playoffs the next season.

So just because a team had a successful 2014, does not mean they are going to do so again in 2015.

Like the article about struggling NFL teams, we have a simple criteria for a team to be on this list. Did they have a winning record?

That's pretty much it. So that leaves out a bunch of 8-8 teams and the NFC South, who only sent the Carolina Panthers to the playoffs because somebody from the division had to go.

We have one 9-7 team on the list because it feels like they may have lucked into that record last year and who have some tough opponents on their schedule this season.

For the next five slides we'll be telling you which successful teams are in a position to stumble and why. It could be the opponents they are slotted to face, it could be wholesale changes in the roster or it could be that they made no changes to address weaknesses.

At the end of the day, they may overcome any issues we mention here or fail for reasons nobody saw coming.

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