Photo captures bobcat hauling a large shark out of the ocean

Amazing Photo Captures Bobcat Hauling a Large Shark Out of the Ocean
Amazing Photo Captures Bobcat Hauling a Large Shark Out of the Ocean

Who knew that large wild cats were expert shark fishermen?

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission posted a picture to its Facebook page: It's an image of a bobcat coming out of the water at Sebastian Inlet State Park in Florida, casually dragging its catch of the day behind it: a shark that doesn't look a whole lot smaller than the bobcat!

The FWC says photographer John Bailey was strolling along the beach when he spotted the wildcat just sitting and staring into the water, and then leapt in and grabbed the Atlantic Sharpnose shark - and pulled it to shore.

Bailey says after he snapped the photo bobcat was spooked, dropped his catch and dashed back into the forest --prompting outraged Facebook commenters to condemn the photographer for spoiling the cat's dinner.

Bailey told WLPG Miami that he noticed the bobcat staring at the shark in the water. It was feeding on smaller fish. Then the bobcat jumped into the ocean and pulled the shark onto the beach.

"Initially, it was pretty quick," Bailey said. "Spotted it, pulled it up (and) the shark floundered for a while."

Liz Barraco, a spokesperson with the FWC, told WLPG Miami that they believe the picture is legitimate and were "very excited to see it."

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