10 celebs who are 100 percent nailing spring style this season

Fashion Expert Shares Top Spring Trends


Spring has officially sprung, and the springtime fashion god's have without a doubt given us some fabulous style inspiration!

If you weren't already thrilled for pastels and gorgeous flowers galore, you won't be able to contain your excitement when you see these 10 celebs who are seriously nailing spring style this season:

Celeb Spring Style
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10 celebs who are 100 percent nailing spring style this season
Our favorite girl next door is killing the floral game in this light and flowy mid-length dress! Not to mention those to-die-for open toe heels. 
Lauren has been making a huge mark in the fashion world for some time now, so it's no surprise she's rocking this airy, all white dress and leather jacket to perfection!
This harajuku girl is known for her bold and daring fashion statements, but we have to say we're loving her in this simple and chic denim number.
We have no words for this gorgeous, tribal-inspired, full-length sweater Katy Perry is wearing. No words.
Could Kendall Jenner look any more Spring-time chic in these all white pants and white, open-toe heels? (NO)
As if Blake Lively could get any more gorgeous! This two-tone mid-length dress is the perfect mix of sexy meets sophisticated. Not to mention Mama Lively rocking the fiercest brown coat we've ever seen!
Vanessa Hudgens is so boho-chic, emphasis on the CHIC! This floral maxi dress is Spring-time perfection.
FYI, this flannel sweater and cheetah print sunglasses are EVERYTHING, Emma.
Honestly Taylor, how can we be you?! This full-length, light and airy floral dress could not be any more gorgeous!
If you didn't think Olivia Munn could be any more fierce, HERE YOU GO. Yes Olivia, just yes.

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