Reddit names hardest word to pronounce

Reddit Says Hardest Word to Pronounce Is 'Worcestershire'
Reddit Says Hardest Word to Pronounce Is 'Worcestershire'

Let's be honest: Some words are really hard to pronounce.

So some Redditors set out to determine the most difficult words to pronounce in the English language. You ready?

After more than 5,000 submissions on Reddit from around the world, the word with the most votes was "Worcestershire." Yep, like the sauce.

Now, before you get up in arms about me pronouncing the word incorrectly, even the "CBS This Morning" anchors don't really agree on how to say it.

"The most difficult word in English is 'Worcestershire.' Some people say 'Worcestershire,'" anchor Gayle King said.

"I like Worcestershire sauce," anchor Norah O'Donnell said.

"Choir" came in second on the list, and the word "squirrel" was the third most difficult word to pronounce.

Also included on the list is the word "penguin," a term that even Benedict Cumberbatch bumbled in a BBC documentary.

"I'm completely terrified of the word," Cumberbatch said on "The Graham Norton Show."

The Independent reports rounding out the top 10 were the words "isthmus," "anemone" and "otorhinolaryngologist." The last one's an ear, nose and throat doctor.

Now, for the last one, how about we all just collectively decide to call them ENTs -- for the sake of everyone out there. Otorhinolaryngologist is just a mouthful.

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