'Price is Right' model Manuela Arbeláez may have a sweet new gig with Ellen DeGeneres

'Price Is Right' Model Accidentally Gives Contestant a $21,960 Car
'Price Is Right' Model Accidentally Gives Contestant a $21,960 Car

Manuela Arbeláez, a Colombian-born "Price is Right" model, had a little mishap last week. If you don't remember, Manuela accidentally gave away a $21,960 car to a contestant.

Manuela was horrified by her mistake and initially thought she'd get fired. But after her followers expressed concern on Twitter, she clarified her employment status:

She then continued to make light of the situation by posting jokes on her Twitter account:

It caught the attention of funny lady Ellen Degeneres, prompting a possible job offer:

No word yet on Manuela's decision.

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