Owner says pit bull saved her from fire

Owner Says Pit Bull Saved Her from Fire

2-year-old pit bull Raja is being called a lifesaver.

"Momma loves Raja," his owner says.

Owner Jennifer Green says Raja saved her when her Indianapolis home caught fire from ashes discarded in a trash can and the flames quickly spread. WRTV has the story.

Green said: "He just kind of jumped on me and whimpered, and he does that sometimes. But then he got down, and he came back, and I'm like, 'What's wrong?' So I got up, and by the time I got to the bottom of the stairs, I heard the smoke alarms going off."

After Green was safely outside, Raja went back in the house for some reason. When firefighters arrived at the scene, they rescued Raja and hosed him off.

Green said, "I just cried, and he took off running for a little bit and then came running to me like, 'There's my mommy!'"

Raja is definitely not alone in the dog rescuers category.

Animal Planet explains the reason dogs rescue people is simple: "Most dogs have such a strong instinct to protect their loved ones that no amount of socialization will diminish it."

As if we needed more reasons to love canines.

While pit bulls do have a bit of a bad rep, PetFinder says they're "super loyal" and "very eager to please people."

The discarded ashes that started the fire in Indianapolis were thrown in a plastic bin. The fire was under control within about 30 minutes but caused an estimated $160,000 in damage.

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