Oregon mother says she found bags of pot in toddler's Easter gift

Mom Finds Pot Inside Toddlers Easter Gift
Mom Finds Pot Inside Toddlers Easter Gift

SEATTLE (Reuters) - An Oregon mother says she got more than she bargained for when she picked up an Easter gift for her toddler in the clearance section of a local Walmart.Christina Marie Hannahs, of Otis, said she found three bags of marijuana stuffed inside the "Smart Shots Sports Center," toy, according to a police spokesman in the city of Newport, where the item was purchased.

The toy, made by VTech, is for children around the ages of one and two and comes with multiple parts including balls to toss in a basket and a screen that lights up.

Hannahs told local broadcaster KATU that as she assembled the item for her toddler, she found some parts were missing. Left behind in the box were the clear plastic bags of what she said was marijuana.

"I was shocked at first," she told KATU. "I would love a drug-free gift for Easter."

Hannahs filed a police report and the Lincoln County Sheriff would handle the investigation, Newport police said. The sheriff's office could not be reached for comment about whether the bags had tested positive for marijuana and how much of the drug was found.

Hannahs told KATU she thinks the toy, which she found on the clearance section of the Walmart, might have been returned by someone who stashed the drugs inside.

"If a little bit of weed gets into packages, what else could get in there?" she said.

A spokesman for Walmart said all questions about the investigation should be referred to the sheriff's office until more details were known.

(Reporting by Victoria Cavaliere)

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