Newlywed refused to give up on husband in coma -- and months later, he woke up

Wife Wouldn't Take Husband Off Life Support, He's Now Miraculously Walking


Danielle Davis was married to her husband, Matt, for just seven months when he was badly injured in 2011 in a horrific motorcycle accident, leaving him in a coma with multiple broken bones. He was just 22 at the time.

Doctors gave Danielle the grim news that odds of his recovery weren't good, and told her to take him off life support and let him die. Doctors told Danielle that there was a 90 percent chance that Matt would never wake up. Not one to give up quickly, Danielle decided to keep him on life support. Danielle took Matt home where she and her mother cared for him around the clock.

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Newlywed refused to give up on husband in coma -- and months later, he woke up

Danielle changed his feeding tube, physically moved him to prevent bed sores, and even administered his daily 20 medications. Remarkably, Matt opened his eyes. After two and a half months in the coma, Matt attempted to communicate.

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Matt didn't remember the accident, or anything from the past three years including his wife, his wedding, and the death of his father two years earlier. He had suffered a brain injury that leaves most people in a permanent vegetative state.

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He slowly began to improve, and after three months he uttered his first words: "I'm trying." His personality eventually began to surface again. One day they asked him what he wanted to eat and Danielle recalled, "I kid you not, he said, 'Buffalo chicken wrap from Cheddar's.'" That was one of Matt's favorite foods.

After months of rehabilitation, Matt learned to walk. Four years later, he's started driving a stick shift car again. He does yoga and has made a trip to Disney World.

Danielle has set up a GoFundMe page to help raise money for Matt's recovery and has documented his long road on Facebook.

He hasn't regained the memory he lost, but he's gotten to know his wife all over again and says he wouldn't be here if it wasn't for her. Matt said, "I'm sure glad I married her."

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