Michael Sam eliminated even after emotional routine

'DWTS:' Michael Sam Eliminated Even After Emotional Routine
'DWTS:' Michael Sam Eliminated Even After Emotional Routine

Michael Sam may have been eliminated from this week's "Dancing with the Stars," but the emotional story behind his routine had people in tears.

Michael was the first openly gay football player to be drafted to the NFL just last year, and he said coming out cost him his relationship with his father.

"I was, I was hurt. I called him and I said, 'You lost another son again, by what you said.' And I haven't talked to him since," said Michael Sam on "Dancing With the Stars."

His dance Monday night embodied the emotions he felt when he decided to no longer include his father in his life after he publicly made anti-gay comments.

"Skin, I'm not my father's son."

TVLine said Michael brought "serious skill" and "remarkable vulnerability" to his routine this week, but it just wasn't enough to save him from his previous performances.

But while The Wall Street Journal called the episode "memorable," they were lukewarm about Michael's routines throughout the entire competition.

"Michael often had a pasted-on smile, and it seemed he never could allow himself to have fun. In fact, he was more alive and relaxed giving his farewell speech than he ever was dancing. 'Tis a shame, for the partnership with Peta had promise."

And BuddyTV said that Michael's routine had them in tears, but his dance last week was "horrible," so it was the "right decision" to eliminate him. Ouch.

So what's next for Michael? After being waived from two NFL teams, the defensive end player is currently a free agent trying to find his next opportunity in the league.

As long as it isn't the Legion of Extraordinary Dancers, amiright?

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