Fast-food workers rally across the country for higher wages

Labor's $15 Wage Strategy
Labor's $15 Wage Strategy

Fast-food workers are joining forces with home health care aids and Wal-Mart workers on April 15 to rally for higher wages. Rallies will be taking place across the country as protesters strive to increase wages up to a 15 dollar per hour rate.

Via Associated Press

The push is being spearheaded by the Service Employees International Union and has included demonstrations around the country to build public support for raising pay for fast food and other low-wage workers, although turnout has varied from city to city. Last May, the campaign reached the doorsteps of McDonald's headquarters in Oak Brook, Illinois, where protesters were arrested after declining to leave the property ahead of the company's annual meeting.

McDonald's recently raised wages in a response to protests, but many workers were unhappy and called the small pay increase a publicity stunt.

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