'Antiques Roadshow:' Saturday Evening Post art worth $250K

'Antiques Roadshow:' Saturday Evening Post Art Worth $250K
'Antiques Roadshow:' Saturday Evening Post Art Worth $250K

On Monday night's episode of "Antiques Roadshow," a painting that once graced the cover of The Saturday Evening Post back in the 1950s was valued at a price you won't believe.

"I would put an insurance value of about $200,000 to $250,000 on it," said appraiser Alan Fausel on "Antiques Roadshow."

"Really? Wow. I need to make a phone call!" said the painting's owner.

Yeah, wow is right! This painting by American artist John Falter was originally purchased by the owner's father for $2,500. He had it hanging in his office in a rotating exhibit until he decided to contact the artist to purchase it for personal use.

And along with the illustration, Falter also included a letter explaining the piece in the sale, which added quite a bit of value to it.

Falter painted close to 200 covers like this one for The Saturday Evening Post while he was alive.

And illustration art is actually a pretty popular item these days - hence, the huge price tag for this particular piece.

The "Roadshow" appraiser who looked at the painting even declared, "Illustration art is one of the hottest things in the American art market today."

And fans of the show on Twitter were pretty jealous of that aforementioned price tag. Some even claimed they would buy a house with the profits the painting would rake in.

Well, they might just get their chance - if they can scrape together about $200,000.

According to the "Roadshow's" website, the owner sold the painting at auction in November 2014 for a whopping $197,000. Now, that's what we call a hole-in-one!

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