Get fined $600 for saying hi to the Clooneys in Lake Como

Get Fined $600 For Saying Hi To The Clooneys In Lake Como
Get Fined $600 For Saying Hi To The Clooneys In Lake Como

Nothing would damper your vacation on Lake Como like getting slapped with a hefty fine for saying 'hi' to your neighbor.

Well, if the girl next door to your summer home happens to be Amal Clooney, that's exactly what you'll get. The mayor of the Italian village where Clooney and Amal have their home on Lake Como passed a temporary law restricting any Tom, Dick or Harry for saying 'wassup' to the Hollywood royalty.

The edict was passed ahead of Clooney's birthday celebration and, according to Gawker, primarily aimed at paparazzi and carries fines up to 600 bucks.

The temporary ban also includes approaching the Clooney's and their friends on and around their swanky villa, trespassing onto the property when they're not home -- which was probably already illegal. Additionally, there will be no parking of cars or boats close to the property.

So, try as you might, you won't get to eat ice cream made of gold and play pin the tail on the unicorn at George Clooney's birthday party -- or whatever it is that rich fancy people do.

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