Email to grad student notifying of large grant ends up in spam

Email To Grad Student Notifying Of Large Grant Ends Up In Spam
Email To Grad Student Notifying Of Large Grant Ends Up In Spam

On Tuesday, a Massachusetts man was awarded one of the most coveted graduate student fellowships in the country, but didn't know right away because the very important email informing him went into his spam folder.

Charlie Nicholson, who is a University of Vermont grad student, received the National Science Foundation's graduate research fellowship. The prize is worth approximately 140 thousand dollars over the duration of three years.

His companions found out before he did. Nicholson explained, ""I started getting cryptic texts from friends ... At first, I had no clue what they were talking about."

"A friend who didn't know my middle name texted: 'If your full name is Charles Casey Nicholson, you just won an NSF.' So I checked my email again, and there it was in my spam, with several get-rich-quick schemes."

He was stunned and very happy to learn of the news.

In the end 2,000 recipients were chosen from 16,500 candidates across the U.S. The fellowship will support Nicholson while continuing his research into how native bees in Vermont can boost blueberry farms' crop yields through land conservation.

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