Carjacker takes off with owner clinging to the hood

Carjacker Takes Off With Owner Clinging To The Hood

A normal day at a Georgia car wash turned chaotic when a carjacker took off with the car's owner clinging to the hood.

WKRC reported that the woman was vacuuming her car near a red minivan when a teenager jumped out and started to drive away in her car.

The owner of the car quickly jumped on the hood of the moving vehicle and held on as the teen tried to drive away.

A witness told WAGA, "I don't know what she was thinking."

Then another car wash customer jumped into action. The bystander pulled a gun and shot through the car's windshield, hitting the carjacker in the shoulder.

A witness told WSB-TV: "She would've died... If that guy didn't shoot, she probably would've ended up losing her life."

The carjacker is reportedly a teenage boy who was driving the car into a very busy intersection. Witnesses were amazed the car owner wasn't hurt in the incident.

As one witness told WSB-TV, "Something could've happened because she wasn't letting go until that car would've thrown her off."

Now the shooter is being called a hero, especially by gun enthusiasts.

And his actions are protected under Georgia law. WXIA spoke with a legal analyst who explained:

"Under Georgia law, a person is authorized to use lethal or potentially lethal force in order to protect a third party if their life is at risk."

ABC reports a suspect faces charges of aggravated assault and theft, but the investigation is ongoing as authorities search for other suspects who fled the scene.

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