Blues' Ryan Reaves rips his tooth out and hands it to trainer

Blues' Ryan Reaves Removes His Tooth on Bench
Blues' Ryan Reaves Removes His Tooth on Bench

...You know what, I'm just going to let this video clip speak for itself.

That's St. Louis Blues forward Ryan Reaves, and yes, he really did just pull out his own tooth in the middle of a game and hand it to a trainer.

That is a true Ron Swanson moment right there.

That also might be the ultimate hockey moment. If you're trying to explain what a hockey player is to someone who has never heard of the sport, this would be the thing to show them.

Reaves is so casual about all of this; he looks like he's feeling nothing at all. We should seriously be questioning whether or not he's a human being right now.

Imagine this happened to you, in your everyday life. How far down the list of reactions would "pull the tooth out and casually hand it to someone" be? I'm thinking it's around number 800, behind "go to the dentist," "run around screaming" and "literally anything else, at all." He's pushing away thousands of years of human instinct like it's nothing; therefore, he is not one of us.

In conclusion: Ryan Reaves is our new leader, humans. Bow before him.

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