Fans weigh in on 'frightening' Lucille Ball statue

Town Frightened By Lucille Ball Statue
Town Frightened By Lucille Ball Statue

One of the most beloved actresses in TV history is terrorizing a small New York town.Well, a statue of her anyway. A bronze sculpture of Lucille Ball was erected in the star's hometown of Celoron in 2009. It is based off of an episode from the first season when Lucy does a TV commercial for a nutritional supplement called "Vitameatavegamin."

But residents there think the artist has some explaining to do. They say it's frightening and that it looks nothing like the "I Love Lucy" star.

A Facebook page was created to bring together the statue's opponents. So far it has nearly 5,000 likes and has reached more than 63,000 people.

Many have suggested starting a GoFundMe campaign or Kickstarter page to raise money to get it replaced. Celoron's mayor told the Jamestown Post-Journal it could cost as much as $10,000 and he has no intention of using taxpayer dollars to change it.

Lucy can be a tough gal to copy, though. While Madame Tussauds wax museum did a pretty good job --the bronze statue in Palm Springs isn't much better than the one in Celoron.

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