6 tips for saving time at the airport

The 6 Best Tips to Save Time at the Airport
The 6 Best Tips to Save Time at the Airport

Going on a trip? Before you head to the airport there are a few tricks that will help you avoid stress and save time. Here are six ways to save some time at the airport (and make things easier for your fellow travelers!):

1. If you can, check in online before getting to the airport.

2. Going through TSA security lines can be very slow. Don't be one of the people holding up the line -- wear shoes that slide off.

3. If you need to wear heels when you reach your destination, bring them in a shoe bag. Don't wear them on the plane.

4. Avoid scrambling through your bags for documents. Keep them in an easy-to-access pocket, or use an old necklace ID badge holder to keep your passport and tickets around your neck.

5. Be sure your toiletries meet TSA standards (follow the 3-1-1 rule) and keep them in a bag that's easy to remove from your bag. The same thing goes with laptops, which you have to remove for security.

6. Avoid having to stop and eat airport food by bringing healthy snacks with you. Or eat something prior to going to the airport.

Another trick is to consider signing up for TSA's PreCheck program, which lets you use expedited security lanes, keep your shoes on and leave your laptop and toiletries in your bag.

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