The best way to find a great airfare

What's the Best Way to Get Great Airfare?
What's the Best Way to Get Great Airfare?

Online ticket agencies like Orbitz, Travelocity and Expedia are consolidating. So what does that mean for travelers? WSJ's Scott McCartney weighs in on some of the upcoming changes.

"I think there are pluses and minuses. For some people it's going to mean change," McCartney explains. "If you were set on certain features of a particular site, those may go away." At the same time, he says, users who were used to Travelocity now have far more hotels to choose from, because Expedia has a larger inventory.

McCartney also says Google Flights is shaking up the industry, with maps that show nearby airports and lower fares.

The best way to find a cheap airfare? Use multiple sites. "They do have different technologies, and they can find different fares," says McCartney. Other sites to check out include Kayak, Hipmunk and Skyscanner. But hold off on booking on these search sites -- it's actually better to book directly with the airline.

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