'Pawn Stars:' See a Hot Wheels car worth more than a Porsche

'Pawn Stars:' See a Hot Wheels Car Worth More Than a Porsche
'Pawn Stars:' See a Hot Wheels Car Worth More Than a Porsche

Fasten your seatbelts! On a brand-new episode of "Pawn Stars," one of the most valuable items we've ever seen on the show made its way into the shop. It was the single rarest and most valuable...

Hot Wheels car?

"Easily $100,000 for this car. In the Hot Wheels market, there's nothing close to this. I mean, this is the holy grail of Hot Wheels. This is what everybody goes after. This is the rarest, and this is in the best condition. And that's why it goes for $100,000," said toy expert Johnny on "Pawn Stars."

Yeah, wow. The pink Volkswagen 1969 Rear Load Beach Bomb got such a big price tag because it was a prototype and never went to market.

This is just one of two cars like it in existence. Talk about a hot commodity!

To put things into perspective, Road and Track reports you could buy a Porsche 911 Carrera S for less than it would cost to buy that little tiny toy.

I repeat - you can get a real Porsche for less than this Hot Wheels car.

Yeah, fans on Twitter were just as shocked as we were. Many users couldn't do anything except repeat the Hot Wheels car's estimated value over and over. We feel ya.

But this really is the cream of the crop of expensive Hot Wheels here.

Street Legal TV's list of the top three rarest Hot Wheels in the world values the second and third most expensive toys at $10,000 and $5,000 respectively.

But in the end, shop owner Rick Harrison just didn't want the car that badly. The seller slammed on the brakes and refused to take his $70,000 offer.

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