Crowdfunding project map indicates where the 'next big thing' may come from

Crowdfunding Projects Launched by State FindTheData

We've all had moments when we came up with the "next big thing," right? So many of those genius ideas never come to fruition because of a lack of time - and more importantly, money.

Crowdfunding, the practice of raising money from the public to fund a project or venture, has quickly become the newest and best way for aspiring entrepreneurs to pursue their ideas. Our chart of the week proves how widespread crowdfunding projects (from Kickstarter) have become across the nation. Check out each map - Successful/Failed Projects, Percent Successful/Failed, Live Projects - within our visual to gain a better grasp of which states have the most number of crowdfunding efforts, and which see the most success.

Some interesting facts to note: California, home of the most crowdfunding projects (34,368) has had more than 200 times the number of such initiatives than North Dakota (168). Vermont (surprise!) has the best success rate, with over 58% of its projects meeting or exceeding funding goals. Unfortunately, over 75% ofFlorida's crowdfunding projects are unsuccessful.

The data for these charts is from Kickstarter and updates every four hours.

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